Despina Kirk

Despina Kirk‚Äôs¬†entrepreneurial successes are a result of hard work determination, and a connectedness to intuition that she fearlessly follows. Although, Despina eloquently says “its not hard work, its self investment & investing in yourself is your biggest asset “. All her life experiences have shaped her perspectives, from the time she was a small girl growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, until the time she relocated to Canada to be by her mother and siblings.

A collection of unique life experiences has always guided Despina Kirk. In this book, she has put to paper insights on some of the most pressing questions people ask of her when she talks with them. How did you do all this? This is not an easy question to answer, but Despina recognizes that from her earliest days of life in Trinidad and Tobago, she has been able to take the experiences happening around her and find the valuable lessons in them. This has contributed to her growth and wealth.