Despina Kirk’s entrepreneurial successes are a result of hard work determination, and a connectedness to intuition that she fearlessly follows. Although, Despina eloquently says “its not hard work, its self investment & investing in yourself is your biggest asset “. All her life experiences have shaped her perspectives, from the time she was a small girl growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, until the time she relocated to Canada to be by her mother and siblings.
Early on, Despina found herself in a struggle with culture shock and extreme shyness. Yet, she found a way to make this a motivating force to move past these things and experience more. Today, she is a self made entrepreneur, as well as the founder of Assets Ltd., Inc, a parent company that houses her business passions. Her businesses are inclusive of areas related to entertainment, real estate investments, as well as property management, and owns a financial investment company. She now faces her most challenging adventure by becoming one of the first female land developers in Canada. When asked, what motivated you to do this project? She simply replies in her shy demeanour  “I like playing with the big boys”. Despina’s firm beliefs is that there is beauty in growing a business, seeing it through from the beginning until it rises to success. This type of growth inspires her daily and is reflected in what she’s worked to create.

One of Despina’s driving philosophies about success is her belief there are no bad decisions. “You turn a wrong decision into a right one. Make it right because if you made a choice it means you are responsible for the outcome.” She carries this knowledge with her in all aspects of her life. It complements her appreciation for the humility that comes from doing the hard work, which has made all the difference in her life. Now she is excited to be sharing this message with her latest project, the book R.I.C.H.E.R. in 365: Going from Excuses to Execution. This book offers people the heartfelt wisdom and practical insights to help achieve their greatest successes.
When Despina is brainstorming an idea or looking to recharge her batteries, she enjoys connecting with her nieces and nephews – they enjoy listenening to cool music, they give Despina inspiration. Despina also enjoys the power of music, travel, and unique experiences. All these things help keep her perspectives fresh and are valuable actions she likes to use as lessons for her son, who she credits as being the driving force to all she has learned in her life’s journey.