R.I.C.H.E.R. in 365


A collection of unique life experiences

Achieve Epic Life of Success !

A collection of unique life experiences has always guided Despina Kirk. In this book, she has put to paper insights on some of the most pressing questions people ask of her when she talks with them. How did you do all this? This is not an easy question to answer, but Despina recognizes that from her earliest days of life in Trinidad and Tobago, she has been able to take the experiences happening around her and find the valuable lessons in them. This has contributed to her growth and wealth.

Knowing that every day does matter in the pursuit of personal greatness, Despina has created the acronym R.I.C.H.E.R., to remind people of the reasons their dedication and hard work are important. Reaping is the celebration of what you sow daily to help you in life. Investing involves more than money; it involves your human connection in this world. Changing as life changes is also important, as stagnancy is not a motivator for growth. Honing-in on what you need to focus on is a necessity in the journey of success. Experiencing “blissification,” a term coined by Despina in the actions you take brings you great reward. And finally, when all put together, Robust living follows, offering you a life filled with abundance, energy, and vitality to carry you through all endeavors—both good and bad.

Through a thoughtful approach to what can be achieved in 365 days, you can start taking actions which lead to results that may even surprise the one crafting them—you. Enjoy this journey of reflection and growth of the heart and soul.

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